Boa Mistura

Boa Mistura -'good mix'- is a multidisciplinary art collective whose roots lie in graffiti, formed at the end of 2001 in Madrid by Javier Serrano Guerra, architect, specialising in Landscape Architecture at the IUAV in Venice; Juan Jaume Fernández, graduate in Fine Arts and specialised in Image Arts at the Universität Der Künste in Berlin; Pablo Ferreiro Mederos, graduate in Fine Arts and specialised in Graphic Design at the Aalto School of Design in Helsinki, and Pablo Purón Carrillo, illustrator and graduate in Advertising and Public Relations.

Boa Mistura approaches its work as a tool that aims to transform the lives of those who live in and come into contact with its environment, primarily in the public space. Their projects are steeped in local traditions and express a responsible attitude towards society at a given moment in time and a rigorous environmental commitment. Boa Mistura carries out its projects all over the world in close collaboration with the community for which they are intended, and in many cases they are developed in a cooperative way, involving the active participation of local residents, which undoubtedly contributes to strengthening people's ties with each other and with the work itself.

Boa Mistura regularly runs courses and workshops. Their works have received numerous international awards.

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