Teo Pirisi was born in 1980 in Milan, where he currently lives.

He says that he began to develop his artistic career at the age of three, when his parents let him paint the walls of his bedroom. He was influenced by hip-hop culture, started painting in the street in 1994, studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara and specialised in communication design in Florence.

The unique geometric style that Pirisi has been researching and developing since 2004 combines graffiti and fine art. Pirisi's creations, also known as Moneyless, express themselves through geometry. His shapes, reduced to the minimum, encapsulate an enormous tension. As his alias reflects, his work is always produced at the lowest possible cost, and was part of the opening of the Urban Nation museum in Berlin in 2017.

Pirisi also works as an illustrator and graphic designer, and in recent years has exhibited his work both in Italy and internationally.

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