Nano4814 was born in Vigo in 1978. After graduating in Fine Arts at the University of Pontevedra, he spent a short period of time studying in London, at schools such as Saint Martins School of Arts and the London College of Printing. He began to develop his creative work more than twenty years ago in his hometown, immersed in the traditional school of graffiti, although over time he has developed a much more personal aesthetic. He has been living in Madrid since 2004 and alongside his artistic activity he works as an illustrator and graphic designer.

He exhibits at galleries and institutions throughout Spain and abroad. The many projects in which he has participated include Planet Prozess in Berlin, the exhibition Urbanitas at MARCO in Vigo and Street Art at the Tate Modern in London or, more recently, during 2016, Crossing Borders/ Crossing Boundaries at the SAM Museum in St. Petersburg and Mapping The City and Venturing Beyond at Sommerset House in London. Together with Eltono, Sixe Paredes and Nuria Mora, he is part of the artistic collective El Equipo Plástico, a group with which he has carried out residency projects in Peru, China and Mexico.

His works decompose the human figure and take it to the point of becoming abstract. The pieces reflect themes such as fragility, balance and subjection to pressure, and are an allegory of his own artistic practice, which are made up of brightly coloured balloons compressed and about to burst.

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