SpY is an artist from Madrid whose first urban performances date back to the mid-eighties. Shortly afterwards, having already established himself as a leading figure on the graffiti scene, he began to explore other forms of artistic communication in the street. His work consists of the appropriation of urban elements by transforming or replicating them, commenting on urban reality and interfering with its communicative codes.

The bulk of his production originates from observing the city and appreciating its individual elements not as inert objects but as a palette of materials overflowing with possibilities. The desire to play, careful attention to the context of each piece and a constructive, non-invasive attitude unmistakably characterise his work.

SpY's works are intended as a parenthesis in the automaton-like inertia of the urbanite. They are pinches of intention that hide in a corner for those who want to be surprised. They are loaded in equal parts with irony and positive humour. They are meant to bring a smile, incite reflection and encourage a slightly more awakened conscience.

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