Flabelus is a brand that is committed to local culture, counting for its production on Spanish artisans who are experts in the sewing of the espadrille, using said sewing as the emblematic symbol of its collections. The traditional craftsmanship of what is made by hand, and good work above all else.

To make their footwear, they choose the materials of the collections very carefully, these being sustainable developments (recycled to a greater or lesser percentage and/or organic) in Europe, betting on a local production chain. And not only that: the choice of packaging is also a key point for them, for which they do without plastics.

Her designs are inspired by great literary women who embody Flabelus' spirit of empowerment. Each collection is inspired by (and dresses) a character, and everything that makes up its identity is transferred, traveling to different times, countries, cultures and colors.

A classic, comfortable and versatile shoe that elevates and complements the wardrobe with a busy lifestyle, preventing them from sacrificing their fashionista lifestyle for lack of comfortable and stylish pieces that breathe tradition.

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